Pottery Co-Studio Rental @ Orchard

Perfect location for class operators and independent clay artists who want to run their classes with ZERO set-up costs, with all facilities for pottery in a comfortable and easily accessible city centre.

Rental Price for 1 Studio (10 wheels) - Group

1 Month

A DayPriceTotalper hourper wheel (1 hour)
3 hours$150$4500$50$5
6 hours$250$7500$42$4
9 hours$350$10,500$39$4

*GST included.
*Special Price for Dedicated Kiln can be offered for All-Day Monthly Rentals. 

- Minimum 3 hours rental for 1 studio.
- Free range of ceramic tools, wheels,plasterboard & working table
- Free use of slab roller
- Clay needs to be purchased (excluded in the rental price)
- An additional charge for firing (kiln)

Rental Price for 1 Wheel - Individual

One-Time Rental (3 hours)$30
Monthly Rental Pass$200
3 Months Rental Pass$500
Apply Studio Rental Service

Studio Rental Rule and regulation

1) Period of validity is strictly non-extendable.
2) Wheels are limited for use during class time.
3) Use of equipment: All users need to have prior knowledge in using pottery equipment such as the throwing wheel, banding wheel, and slab-roller.
4) Use of studio area is limited to assigned wheel or space. In the event of an infringement of usage, management reserves the right to terminate the rights to studio use.
5) Liability Release. The acceptance of this scheme releases the management ofclaims arising from injuries arising from the use of equipment and space.
6) In the event of equipment spoilt, management reserves the right to claim the repair/service fee from the party.
7) Upon expiry of the pass, please remove and vacate your works and return the shelves/space within 7 days from the date of expiry.