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$55 Trial Class


Experienced potters who do not need any lectures.

Those who want to practice and master the knowledge learned from the previous pottery classes attended.

Those who love pottery crafts as a hobby.

Why Choose Am I Addicted Co-studio

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Am I Addicted supports

Affordable Venue & Equipment Rentals

Wide range of pottery equipment rental with an affordable price.

Free Check-In*Out

C/S team is always on standby

Center of Singapore

In the center of Singapore, Orchard's Largest & Newest Open Studio is Located!

Newly Purchased Tools & CLAY FROM KOREA

No restrictions

Without any restrictions, You can make your desired pottery!

Am I Addicted is the largest and newly opened pottery studio.


Recommended for those who want to rent for the first time!

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We’re flexible! We have a lot of studio rental hours for you to choose from.

Price inclusions are the following:

Am I Addicted is equipped with 4 Electric Kilns and 4 Pugmill.

Imported from Korea

The use of clay requires an extra cost

4 Electric Kilns

It is self-provided and there is an additional cost.


Am I Addicted Is Created For The Community Of All Potters In Singapore.

Our Promise

Advanced Pottery Tools

We only use new and advanced tools for pottery. If you need better equipment or you have suggestions, please feel free to share.

Community for Pottery Skills Growth

Promote mutual growth of potters. We activated our community to provide opportunities to grow and strengthen our creative process and skills.

C/S Support Guide for Potters

Whether you are experiencing an open studio for the first time, coming alone, or visiting for the first time, our C/S team will provide a guide to each person so they can use it without any confusion.

Affordable Pottery Class

AM I ADDICTED is an open studio and professional potters as well. Direct lectures and pottery craft schedules are conducted daily. The pottery craft class is also offered at the most AFFORDABLE price.

Comfortable & Spacious Pottery Studio

The most significant opening of 10,000 sq. ft is located in the center of Singapore. AM I ADDICTED Studio makes every space comfortable for potters. Made available for free use.

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Studio Rental Rules and Regulations

  • Period of validity is strictly non-extendable.
  • Wheels are limited for use during class time.
  • Use of equipment: All users need to have prior knowledge in using pottery equipment such as the throwing wheel, banding wheel, and slab-roller.
  • Use of studio area is limited to assigned wheel or space. In the event of an infringement of usage, management reserves the right to terminate renter's rights from using the studio.
  • Liability Release. The acceptance of this scheme releases the management of claims arising from injuries, arising from the use of equipment, and space.
  • In the event of equipment spoilt, the management reserves the right to claim the repair/service fee from the party.
  • Upon expiry of the pass, please remove and vacate your works and return the shelves/space within 7 days from the date of expiry.